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CS:GO Roll is a site where you can deposit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins in exchange for coins on the website. You can place bets on our dice game with those coins and withdraw them back for skins at any time you want. These coins have no real world value.
Dicing is very new to the CS:GO market, it was actually is an idea that initially came from the game RuneScape where people played 60×2 dicing, this game has since evolved and appeared primarily on websites like PrimeDice for Bitcoin and other RuneScape gambling websites. The game mechanics have since advanced from the RuneScape times offering payouts of up to x9500 and strategic automated betting enhancing the gaming aspect making it a hell of a lot more fun.
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Short Site List

CS:GO Gambling Sites List - CSGOSKIN7X.LT

So here is short site list, wich is updating every week.
csgolabz.com csgobounty.com – Our promo code: CSGOSKIN7X
favicon csgofast.com – biggest jackpot ever!
favicon csgomassive.com – reborned site! Code: XQZ685
-QVZw69_ csgoempire.com – use cs7x promo code for free 1 dollar!
csgopolygon.com csgopolygon.com – promo code CSGO7X
favicon (1) csgobrawl.com – promo code CSGOSKIN7X

Updated: 2017-08-02
favicon-16x16 (3) csgoroll.com – Promo code CS7X
csgospeed.com – Promo code: 99AEBADE38
cs csgorewards.co – complete task for skins!
favicon (2) csgopot.com – promo code CS7X
3aq0XH83 csgobig.com – go big or go home!
favicon-16x16 csgo-coins.com – earn coins by completing offers!
favicon challengeskins.com – Promo code: CSGOSKIN
csgotune.com – PROMO Code: S65611NEZFFTTZF6T
olimp.us – get free items instantly!
icon csgomax.net – promo code csg7x
csgohandouts.com csgohandouts.com – just log in via our link
csgowheel.com width= csgowheel.com – promo code CSS7X
csgo.best csgo.best – promo code CSGOSKIN7X
WildCase - Flashy Flashy CSGO Gambling wildcase.com – Free $0.50!
Skinhub.com - CSGO Gambling Sites, H1z1, Dota skinhub.com – Free – $0.50 – Promo code csgoskin7xlt
CS:GO Betting / Gambling Sites list flashyflashy csgokingdom.com –  Free – $0.50 – CS7X
skinsproject.pl –  Promo code CSGO7X
CSGO64.com Promo code CSGO7x CS:GO Gambling csgo64.com – Promo code: csgo7x

h1z1 gambling sites list - csgoskin7x.lt

h1z1 Gambling Sites h1z1.freepot.co – Promo code: CSGO7X
null h1z1.plus  – Promo code CSGOSKIN7X
skin-bets.com - h1z1 gambling sites list, jackpot, roulette skins-bets.com – Promo code CSGO7X
drop.plus - h1z1 betting, gambling sites list drop.plus – Free $0.30 Promo code CSGO7X

dota 2 gambling sites list - csgoskin7x.lt

PVRO – Skins for playing!

csgo gambling cs:go gambling pvpro.com flashyflashy

So today found not new, but very good site. There you don’t need to deposit any skins, pay money and etc, what you need to do is play your favourite game mode: 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 or 5vs5. Also daily tournaments, compete in league and collect coins! That coins you can spent directly to buy skins or open case (also gives skins!) So don’t wait ant register on pvpro.com!
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SkinSilo – Rewards for tasks

SkinSilo.com - Free promo code for 250 coins: CSGO7X

Based on your location, you are served periodical offers ranging from simple things like filling out a survey or installing an app, to more complicated operations like playing a game or creating third party website accounts. Offers get refreshed often so make sure to check back on a regular basis to see what’s new. Use your earned credits to buy CS:GO skins from the shop. We offer a high variety of desirables, ranging from cheap and popular skins or case keys, all the way up to high tier items like Dragon Lores and Howls. The prices are competitive, on par with the Steam Community Market. Withdraws are fully automated and instant, and the skins you receive have no trading restriction.
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CSGO-Case – Reborned CSGOHouse!

Site status: TRUSTED!

Old gamblers may remind one of first and best CS:GO gambling site name csgohouse, after valve ban hey shut down their site until now… And here is reborned CS:GO House with new site, new design and new wins! Chech this out!
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Register here: csgo-case.com

Valve BANS gambling sites?!

Hello gamers, this is CSGOSkin.7x.lt and newest info about gambling siteswill be here 24/7. So starting from Valve post about gambling sites, a lot of sites just shut down with out any warning, but some sites still working and it ain’t going to shut down, like http://csgo.best on headlines writes that they not close the site, because new features comming. So we will wait and see.

Several Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting communities have shut down in response to Valve Corporation’s threat to issue cease-and-desist orders to those which allow players to earn real money for in-game items. The company announced yesterday that it would soon go after sites that enabled Steam users to gamble their items like casino chips, an activity that’s been met with controversy in recent weeks.

Among those shutting down are CSGO Double, which announced that it would close in response to Valve’s statement.

“Effective immediately we will no longer be accepting deposits,” the site’s owner wrote in a notice. “Those with existing balances are encouraged to withdraw at their earliest convenience.”

CSGO Double’s roulette will stay open until everyone has cashed out. A similar message has appeared on CSGO Dices, whose staff encourages users to withdraw as soon as possible.

Other sites, like CSGO Rumble, have gone completely dark with little warning. The website’s homepage includes a message linking to Valve’s post on Steam, while promising users that a new project from its owners, unrelated to Global Offensive, was forthcoming.

CSGO Wealth‘s website redirects to something even more blunt. The betting site is now a white page with text reading, “Rip CSGOWealth. Blame Valve.”

CSGO Lotto, one of the biggest gambling sites, is currently inactive due to a prolonged temporary halt caused by traffic concerns. The shutdown came one day after its owners, a pair of YouTubers who had not disclosed their relationship to the site, were included as part of a lawsuit against several major betting sites, whose plaintiff alleges that the sites and Valve allowed minors to gamble with Global Offensive items illegally.

One of the betting sites named in the suit, OPSkins, responded to Valve’s statement with one of its own. The owners took to Reddit to say that it would not be shutting down, refuting claims that it was a gambling community.

“OPSkins is not and never has been a gambling website,” the staff said in a post. “Some recent media articles concerning the lawsuit against Valve Corporation alleging underage gambling with CS:GO skins have incorrectly labeled OPSkins as a gambling site.”

As such, the owners of OPSkins said, the site is expected to continue running.

“We have received no communication from Valve that OPSkins access to the Steam API will be blocked or limited in any way,” according to the owners’ post. “Furthermore, based on Valve’s recent public statement, we do not anticipate any disruption in our trading services.”

We’ve reached out to Valve about whether it has contacted these or other betting sites directly.

SkinProfit.net – jackpot site!

Site status: pending to proof..
Screenshot: n/a for now

Small bets, big pots, the risk is high here but there is no minimum to the price of the skins you deposit. If you want to use the free items you got dropped in CS:GO and slowly build up your inventory by winning small jackpots then this is the right place for you. Are you blessed by the gods? Then you can earn quite a lot on skinprofit.com, just beware of the higher bets!
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Kickback – fight for skins!

Site status: TRUSTED
Screenshot: screenshot 1

EDIT: Finally get my first skin from kickaback. It took about 2weeks (skin price ~$5,4). If you dont wanna to play, you just need to add their site to your steam name and everyday collect free rubies!
50 free rubies when you play your first game after sign up! You also get rubies just for signing in every day. Just like zengaming, here you will be matched up against players of your same level. You can bet rubies (virtual credits), skins or cash on your matches. They have a marketplace full of free skins on which you can spend your winnings. Have faith in your skills. Register here!

Biggest csgo gambling sites list! Free skins every day, bes promo codes.