So there are a lot of sites where you can get free skins, also there is alot of sites where you can loose all your items and even STEAM profile. So this is list of that type sites!

dropskinz.nettotally scam, you will download some kind of item, and BAM! Your steam GONE! – it says if you take survey you can take some cs:go items, but it’s not. – when you collect points to redeem your skin it will says complete survey to get it, but is lie. – deposit is working, but withdraw isn’t. Do not deposit items on this SITE!  or A lot of fake skins, fake players. Deposit is working, but withdraw isn’t. – banned from ref system with reason: inviting fake people. Probbably withdraw doesn’t working. – not actually scam site, just a lot of expensive fake items. Some cheaper items are real, and you can withdraw it. So don’t put expensive items there.

Biggest csgo gambling sites list! Free skins every day, bes promo codes.