So there are a lot of sites where you can get free skins, also there is alot of sites where you can loose all your items and even STEAM profile. So this is list of that type sites!

dropskinz.nettotally scam, you will download some kind of item, and BAM! Your steam GONE! – when you collect points to redeem your skin it will says complete survey to get it, but is lie. – banned from ref system with reason: inviting fake people. Probbably withdraw doesn’t working. – There you probably win good skins, but it’s totally scam. Don’t deposit there! – Totally new scam way. It’s look like trade site, but first you need to deposit. Don’t do that! All this type sites with DEPOSIT and WITHDRAW sites are scam. All legit trade sites list is on this site. – People say it’s totally scam. Do not play there! – Same type TRADE site with DEPOSIT and WITHDRAW buttons. Scam! – Even my browser saying it’s scam. – Many people reports about scam. Be aware! – Russian scam site – Scam roulette site. Withdraw isn’t working. – Evidence on this link (link – Evidence on this link (link – Another trade site which if you deposit, you can’t withdraw. – Popular scam type now, withdraw doesn’t working. – Case opening site. Totally scam. – Same as, even design same. SCAM! – Another TRADE site scam! – Another FARMSKINS site clone, also SCAM site! – TRADE BOT site with deposit and withdraw buttons. SCAM!  If you win some money they will ban you!
If you know more scam sites, have evidence or you been scammed, write to us!

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